How to make a ninja mask or super hero mask

How to Make a Ninja or Super Hero Mask for Less Than a Dollar

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Do you want to be a ninja or super hero? Well, Noah Knows how! I have a really fun arts and crafts project for you that you can use for cosplay, halloween, or just because it looks super cool! Today we are going to be making a ninja mask or super hero mask, and it will cost you less than a dollar.

First what you need to do is get some fabric. I know really easy way to get that. Just go to Walmart and they have tons of fabric for sale, but there’s also a special section where they sell scraps of all kinds, shapes, and colors.

For my ninja mask, I bought black HEAVY FLEECE, but you could buy felt too. Really, the most important thing is to buy fabric that cuts with a clean edge, is thick, and that will feel comfortable on your skin.

The roll of scrap fleece I found also happened to be reduced 25%, so it was only 92 cents! And the sheet I bought was large enough to make at least five masks.

The most important thing is that you get fabric that is at least 40 inches wide and tall enough to fit your mask on.

Ninja / Super Hero Mask Template Preview
Here is a helpful template that I’ve created in PDF form so you can download it, print it on paper, and test out which size works best for your face!Noah Knows
Download the free PDF template

So the objects you’re going to need are the fabric, the free mask template download file from this page, a yardstick, scissors, and chalk.

1) Cut out the template

The Noah Knows Mask template has two sizes on it – adult and child. Cut out the template as indicated and test it to see if it fits your face before you start cutting any fabric.

2) Cut a long strip of fabric

Now you’re going to have to cut a long sheet of fabric that’s a little taller than your mask template and at least 40 inches wide.

3) Start chalking the fabric

Find the find the middle of your wide strip of fabric by folding it in half and mark a line. After you know the center, you can put your mask template on this center line and outline it with more chalk lines. You’re going to need the yard stick to extend the ends of the mask to the full width of your fabric strip.

4) Cut out the fabric

Grab our scissors, take your time, and start cutting! Some fabrics cut better than others, so do some test cuts on areas of the fabric that you know you don’t need so you know if your scissors are up to the job!

5) You’re done!

Tie the mask around your head and have fun pretending to be a ninja or super hero!

6) Get creative!

You can explore different color fabrics and create VERY different looks! For example, by using red, orange, blue, or purple, you’ll start to instantly look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!

Go wild with your imagination!

So I hope you guys liked this feature. Be sure to watch my HOW-TO VIDEO BELOW where I show you exactly how this is done, step by step!

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